Saturday, October 30, 2004

Much better. I love painting. Would have liked to have more colors to choose from, like pearl, papyrus, marble, lilac, iris, dusty rose ... but this "silver" is better than the baby diaper olive/mustard and white that was the background and as I will be using this format to edit in, darker will be better on my eyes.

I will be reading in one window, red pencilling in the other. The navy blue is for our winter skies, the background color for our state flag, on which hangs the Big Dipper, upside down, perpetually unused at the well.

It took me hours, all afternoon in fact, to play around with the template, because I don't know how to "code." I just kept looking for anything that said "bgcolor" (background color) and plugged in numbers from which came from the handy "help" section (eventually) up there on my blogger navigation bar.

It was fun! But, only because I didn't have anything better to do... I would have rather paid someone though, so I could use that wasted time working on my character backgrounds instead of color backgrounds.

There is a serious deficit in the user interface services phone book. All this html makes my eyes cross. Some people were born to code, others to count words.*

*50,000 words