Saturday, October 30, 2004


Maybe I could use this original blog, the ignored one that subbornly refuses to die, for the National Novel Writing Month excursion into literary insanity. I was looking for a place to put it, I hear people do that, create a blog just for their novel installments and this place looks as good as any.

This being my initiation into NaNoWriMo and novel writing, frantically I see there are many forums to peruse at the site itself, too many, offering helpful hints on every aspect of getting started and sticking with it, this task, just the thought of which instantaneously makes me want to grab a brown paper bag to either a) breathe into or, b) heave into.

Perhaps I'll do both. A little heavy breathing and heaving always seemed to do the trick before musical gigs, in my youth, when I still hadn't learned how to memorize the lyrics to any of the songs on the set list...